Core Advantages

Heat recovery heat pump dehumidifier

Permapool heat recovery heat pump dehumidifier is designed to remove the moisture in the indoor swimming pool. And at the same time it will recover the heat from the moist air for space heating or pool water heating when there is a heating requirement. It will deliver the heat to the outside via the outdoor condenser when there is a cooling requirement. As the air in the indoor swimming pool is often polluted by the disinfection by-product, the equipment will introduce fresh air into the indoor swimming pool area to improve the indoor air quality.

Heat recovery heat pump dehumidifier energy cycle

Stable air temperature and relative humidity

Moist warm air

Latent heat recovery

Permapool's heat recovery heat pump dehumidifier is an integrated solution for moisture removal, air and water temperature control, indoor air quality control and heat recovery .It is a perfect solution for air and water environment control of indoor swimming pools. Compared with traditional dehumidifying solutions, environmentally friendly Permapool heat pumps will often save 30%-50% in energy costs.

Optimized air flow system design of Permapool dehumidifier can precisely control the relative humidity of indoor air between 60%-65%. Air temperature of the swimming pool room space can be controlled ±0.5℃ within the set point. Pool water temperature can be controlled ±2℃ within the set point. As a result, our systems provide a comfortable environment for swimmers and minimize the possibility of unwanted and damaging moisture condensation to the interior structure.


Air-source Heat Pump

To extend swimming seasons, you need to heat the pool water to maintain swimmer comfort. Running costs of traditional heating methods are high and not environmentally friendly. Air-source heat pumps are the best solution to overcome these problems inherent with traditional systems.

Due to the superior performance of Air-source heat pumps, it is now the most popular hot water and space heating solution for both commercial and residential pool heating applications.

Air-source heat pumps work much like a conveyer of heat. It obtains heat from low temperature ambient air and transfers it to air or water.

The power consumption of an air-source heat pumps is 75% less than an electric boiler. Compared with a coal, oil, or gas boiler, energy savings are more than 40%. Unlike solar heaters, which are not able to operate in rainy or cloudy weather, the air-source heat pump can operate reliably under such conditions.

Permapool’s air-source heat pump is the most energy efficient heating solution for maintaining stable water and air temperature for your swimming pool. The proven double circuit titanium heat exchanger enhances performance as well as ensures reliability. Absolute separation between water and electricity guarantees safety.