Permapool is an innovator of heat recovery heat pump dehumidifier and air-source heat pump heater for swimming pool.

Permapool, headquartered in Naples, Florida, USA, is an innovator of space dehumidification, indoor air quality and water environment control equipment for swimming pools. Our products are applicable for large competition pools, commercial pools, High School/University pools, hotel pools, and private indoor pools.

Our State-of-the-art dehumidifier and air-source heat pump products can ensure the best air and water environment for indoor swimming pools. At the same time, operating cost and energy consumption is reduced thanks to the latest technology product and advanced system design. Permapool dehumidifier is well known for its innovative technology, excellent performance, reliable quality, professional design and top quality manufacturing.

Permapool designs and high quality individual components ensure longer life span of equipment and sustainability than others in the market. This is important because the lifetime of swimming pools are often up to 20 years.

Permapool Engineers consider efficient performance and extended life span as “job one” for both design and manufacturing of their products. To ensure superior performance, the design and manufacture of all Permapool products are completed by the most experienced engineers and with oversight by senior staff. Due to the highly corrosive environment of indoor pools, all key components receive formidable anti-corrosion treatments. This results in a significantly extended life span of Permapool products. Permapool equipment is designed to access other control devices; for example, intelligent pool management systems.

Choosing Permapool means choosing a future with reduced energy costs, low maintenance, high quality air & water environments and longevity!